When you purchase a reading from me, you're purchasing an in-depth, supportive and visually interesting experience.


I'm here to give you hope, ideas and feedback, in a friendly and non-invasive way. The readings I have with clients are always 100% confidential--no information is shared unless you decide to share it or record it. You can bring a friend!


I'm an easygoing reader. I don't insert a lot of stress and drama into the process. If anything, I want this to be a fun and memorable experience for you! I think my clients are often surprised by how relaxing and validating getting a reading is, especially if they have not had positive experiences with other readers.

My reading price is $60, and my readings are not timed. I do not do readings by the minute. I don't rush through readings or have my clients watching the clock. I'm there focusing on you and your concerns as well as the things that interest you. During your reading, I can cover more than one topic and clarify things as much as needed until you feel complete with the experience. Or I can go really deeply into one topic for as long as you need. Either way, you can rest assured I am there to help and support you and have fun along the way.