Client  Testimonials

Hannah's readings are astute. They've offered me a solid reflection of my reality and an encouraging dose of my role in its making. Her interpretations are articulate, yet malleable enough for me to really settle the concepts directly onto my experience. She uses the cards to explain what it is you'll find yourself moving through, as well as how to go about doing it.

She is plain in the way she relates the complex message to you. Her interpretations ground the cards, bring them a reality and practicality that you can then apply to your world. -Diandra


Hannah’s intuition is so incredible! The times I’ve received readings from her have been so accurate, it’s other-worldly! She’s shed light into dark corners of my life and brought confirmation and encouragement when I needed it most. She is truly gifted! -Lauren

A reading from Hannah is like receiving a warm blanket and some gentle advice from your mentor. She allows you to feel safe, hopeful and connected to source while opening your heart and mind to new opportunities and challenges. My business partner and I used Hannah to give readings to our women’s business group and they loved her and the readings they received.
Hannah also reassured the women to both follow their path yet pay attention to challenges along the way they may face. They felt so validated and amazed by her accuracy and thoughtful readings! She is a delight to have around in addition to being so sincere and kind! We can’t wait to get another reading soon!!

-Debi Kennison, Balance Point Therapy