About  Hannah

I was born in Austin, Texas to a very creative family and extended family of artists, writers and musicians. Naturally, I followed a similar path. After hopping around college-wise to three different colleges, I finally got my BFA in Painting & Drawing from the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design. Around the same time, I began reading tarot and also met my husband. We’ve been happily together 20+ years and counting, and we have a feisty 14-year-old daughter Pele Rose whom we adore in all her fiery finery.

I’ve been reading tarot for 20+ years, and I’ve done a lot of readings in that time and continue to be fascinated by tarot. It is one of those subjects with endless possibilities. There is always more to learn and more to love.

You’ll find me doing a variety of creative, intuitive and mothering centric duties. From cleaning, cooking and drawing, to painting, tarot, photography and dabbling in astrology, or making body butter, soaps or homemade deodorant. I like to make things and I find it makes me feel more alive and grounded at the same time.

Thanks for reading!