Hannah Slattery-Quintanilla

Creative Professional

I grew up in the eclectic city of Austin, Texas to a family of artists, writers and musicians. The second oldest of five artsy kids, I had the good fortune of having a supportive backdrop from which to try out my creative experiments.


I enjoy a wide variety of creative pursuits, including but not limited to:


*Creating visual art, especially paintings and drawings. I received a BFA in Painting & Drawing from the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in 2002. Since then I've taught art classes in the Front Range in life drawing, collage, kid's art, portraits, batik and encaustic. I've done a number of art pieces, including hand-painted jewelry, painted objects, murals, life drawings, still life drawings and others.


*Reading tarot and other oracles. For the past 18 plus years, I've been reading tarot for myself and others on a daily basis. You can go over to my tarot website to purchase a reading. I love to do it and I'm always fascinated to see what new things there are to learn. Each reading is a new story to tell and live.


*Cooking and baking. I love to cook and experiment with recipes, especially gluten and grain-free, whole food recipes with emphasis on high nutrition content and delicious taste. One of my specialities is allergen-friendly and alternative baking.


*Photography and photo editing. Even though I am not a professional, I do love to take and edit photographs and images of all sorts. I also love vintage images.


I hope you'll keep up with me on here and check in to see what I'm up to.


With Love,

Hannah S-Q

















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