Warm Greetings!

This is my art website! I admit, even though I have not created as much art in the past few years as I would like to say I've created, I do go through very prolific bursts of visual creativity.  One such time involved the creation of 300+ hand-painted pins, necklaces and small art pieces over a span of 2.5 years.  That's a lot!


I intend to update this site, hopefully on a fairly regular basis, to reflect my present focus and projects. I hope you'll stick with me to see what I'm up to. You'll find a portfolio page as well as a few services that I'm currently offering. You may notice that all of my services at this time are custom. I don't have any ready-made pieces, but I'm happy to make something just for you.


Whether I'm in an active, vividly creative cycle or not, I always find myself identifying with the creative force, being sustained by it. I'm sure many of you can really relate!


In creativity,